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Okay. I don't know where to start, what to say, or even if I have anything to say.. THE SHOW WAS AMAZING ! BEYOND AMAZING !! The setlist was as expected mostly from Razzle Dazzle. I like the album but it is not one of my favourites. But it was so good live, everything was better live. SAKURAI WAS AMAZING LIVE ! *-* <3 God what wouldn't I do to get to....
Yeah, so I'm going tomorrow again !! ^^ on the fanclub live ! Alone though, but it feels better now that I've been in Zepp and seen them once.

So the main reason I started writing this. I need to, so that I'll remember this for a looooong time... :') <3 One thing I love about being in Japan on concerts as a foreigner is that you're easy to notice. SAKURAI LOOKED STRAIGHT AT ME SEVERAL TIMES. One of the times, after the end of a song, he looked, turn to the stage and said "Thank you Very much". It must have been to me and my friend ! <3 SAKURAI FROM EVERYONE I'VE SEEN LIVE! 8D God I couldn't be happier! Hoshino was also looking a bit too much but I tried to concentrate on Sakurai of course. And before the first encore a Japanese girl came to us and asked if we were having fun and stuff like that. Then she said that she'd noticed Sakurai looking at us and that we should wave or smile to him, she thought that he'd be happy (I don't think I could've wiped the smile of my face of even if I tried) X') And it's weird that she said Sakurai since Hoshino was kind of, almost, staring at us. XD He seemed to notice every now and then that he had to look elsewhere. XD

There were a lot more foreign fans there than I had expected. I kind of NEVER meet anyone that is a fan of Buck-Ticks. D: Not even here in Japan. As one should expect, the crowd wasn't as young as I'm used to when going on concerts. That was a really good thing since I'm not that crazy fan jumping around everywhere and banging my head of and yeah you know. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, but I like these kinds of lives much more. <3 they were really into it but not in that Gazetto way. x) hehe

Okay I have to sleeeep ! zzzZZZ Buck-Tick again tomorrow...! :') 8D and on 12/29 in Budoukan. I'm so happy now! GOOD NIGHT ! <3

LUNA SEA REBOOT -to the New Moon- <3

I traveled from Stockholm, Sweden to Bochum/Dusseldorf, Germany to see Luna Sea. And I came home today...

27/11-10 In Ruhr Congress Bochum, Germany

OH MY GOD. Seriously, I have no idea of how the h*ll I should explain how the Luna Sea show was... :') I have no words to describe how beautiful it was. It was so much more than everything you'd ever wish for a live to be. It was AMAZING. It was so fantastic, the feeling they give to the audience is unbeatable. I knew that it was Luna Sea, THE Luna Sea. But I could never, ever have imagined how incredible the live was going to be. Ryuichis voice was from another planet, it's just limitless somehow. It feels like he lives and breathes through singing. And all the feelings he reflects while on stage. I've never seen anyone break and fight his way back up like Ryuichi. Sugizos guitar and violin is not to be forgotten, it crushed me (in a positive way). God it was beautiful, heartbreaking, just like Ryuichi. Inoran, J and Shinya. There is no words. This really is a super group of people. The experience in that live can not be imagined without having been there.

"We would like to create moment, music, and place that only Luna Sea can create. And we would like to create new history once again with you" /Ryuichi

Ryuichi just can't doubt that they've succeeded. Not for a second. The atmosphere of the concert was beyond... normal.. I'd say. :p It was like an own world and time. As Ryuichi said, the live in Bochum, together with us, created page one in Luna Seas new history.. :')

Thank you Luna Sea, for an experience that I'll cherish and never ever forget. <3


Japan on tuesday! :)

Four days left 'til Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo! :'D I'm happy ^^ but still nervous and stressed.. Don't really know why, there's always something wrong, huh? :p

This time I'm really going to see all four of my favourite artists/bands. :'D Except for Gazette and Gackt, I'm going to see Kiyoharu and Vidoll for the first time! Oh god I'm so excited about Kiyoharu. The Kiyoharu show is a Rythmless and perspectie show, named Orpheus and All seated in a theater-like hall. My seat is on the fifth row!! ^^

A little nervous about Vidoll, it's with Kain, an all standing event and I'm going alone. At first I thought that I wouldn't go to Vidoll for my friends sake and because I want to see them in a one-man show, but after they decided about the hiatus I felt that I really want to see them, this is my only chance for a couple of years... Or should I've waited with Vidoll?

I feel bad for Ficke, who's going to Japan with me, about the evenings that I'll be on a live :/ there'll be four evenings all together without him. He's going with me on Gackt in Osaka! :D ^^ hehehe

I'm going to see Jenny for the first time in... seven months, since she moved there for a year to study (without me >< :p) ! :) That'll be so much fun. I've missed her, and our quarrels seem to be forgotten for now, wich I'm happy about.

I've never been to Osaka or Kyoto, so that'll be all new. I hope the dialect isn't too weird. X) I'm going to go look at a school in Kyoto, or that's what I intended, but I'm almost certain that I'll start at the school in Tokyo now so maybe I won't visit the school... We'll see. But the school in Tokyo I'll be visiting ^^ If it feels good I'll move there in one year. D: :D I hate that I feel so glad about that, but so sad about leaving everyone here. :(
One year left and I'm already panicking about that..

I'm going to Gazette's both Budoukan shows!! :D Ahh, I can't wait!!! Ruki <3

I had a dream two days ago, I bought a dog, it was so cute and looked like Kukkii<3 :D:D I bought it for SEK10500. I got it in a paper bag. And then suddenly it was the next day and I had forgotten that I had a dog for about a day! D: Then I asked everyone where he was (I don't know why I want to say he, cus' I think it was a she), but no one knew. Then I went home (I was still living with my mother, I moved in October last year :p) and asked her but she didn't know either. :S Then I looked down to where all the shoes lie, and there he was!! Still in the paper bag, waiting!! :D:D AWWWWHH! So, I took care of him, bought him food, asked so many dog-questions at the petstore, and then I woke up... :( And realized that I didn't have a dog... :( I felt a bit sad, and now for the two last days I have been thinking of that dog... ^^ I want one, so much! :D But I don't have the time or money... :/

Before I saw this dog I only had this small thing for long haired chihuahuas, but now it's almost too much! I've always been more of a cat person. X)
Damn Kiyoharu's parent's dog (not litterally), the cutest dog in the world: KUKKIIIIIII :D


ジュイ様! お誕生日おめでとうござます-ーーー!!!^_^
This is Juis day, and I wish you the best birthday ever!
I can't wait 'til I get to see him for the first time now in July! :')
I wish I could give you a cake! X)


Jui <3

Vidoll is going in hiatus... For more than a year and a half... From september I think :'(
I feel so bad for Jui. :( He has a big blod clot in his throath that has made him unable to sing normally without an inhalator, that's horrible... D: He must've been crushed when the doctor told him, but he held it a secret. He mentioned that he felt bad and almost stopped speaking and singing.
Jui is one of the most talented singers I know of, with such a beautiful and flawless voice. He could do anything with that voice. :) He seriously has to be born to be a singer and I think he deserves it more than anyone. But I'm sure he'll overcome this hinder in time. And I promise that I'll be waiting for as long as it takes. Of course I hope it'll go fast but I doubt it.. :/

I'm sad that I can't attend to a oneman live, they never have onemans when I'm in Japan. At first I thought of going to one of those mini festivals with seven different bands to see Vidoll, but now I've asked ITM4U to buy me a ticket to Vidoll and Kain live. :) I've never heard Kain, or not that I can recall but now it's only one band aside of Vidoll so it's not too much. God, I wish I get a ticket, I think I will. Jui also mentioned not being able to sing more than thirty minutes now :( ...poor him. I just can't really comprehend what has happened to him, or how big of a fall this is for him. But I'd be glad even if I only got to hear only one song. :')

Good luck Jui, I wish you the best! :') The surgery will be allright, I just know it, it has too. You're a too good singer to have to end it yet. But, even if that'd happen, wich I seriously doubt, you've sang countless songs that's reached straight to my heart and that by itself is more than I could ever ask for.
Thank you <3

Pledge kanji to romaji translation! n_n

Here is the translation of pledge if someone is interested! :D

PledgeCollapse )

Beautiful, beautiful song! ^^

Kiyoharu - Crow Translation :)

I got the lyrics I requested; Crow and Pledge and translated them :)
I understand the words but not enough to dare to try and translate into english, so here's just the romanised! ^^

CROWCollapse )

I've included the live link too, but please notice that the lyrics aren't the same in the live!

This song is just amazing... Kiyoharu is amazing!

Nothing and no one has ever made me able to just shut down like this.
To forget my surrounding and just be.
To feel content and at ease in the most anquishing moments.
Except this man.
Thank you, and bless the day you first sang.
This man could make me religious.
My own sedative and sleeping pill.


Ready with projekt! :) And Vidoll! :D

Today I finished the school projekt! Thank you so much for your help Julia! :)
Tomorrow is my presentation. I don't want to, I hate these things. >< I keep on trying to think of tomorrow afternoon when all is done. :P Wonderful

AND! Vidoll as well are having a show when I'm in Japan! I can't believe this. EVERYONE I want to see is having livs when I'm there! :'D There must be something wrong, ne? I can't really comprehend the fact that there is a possibility that I'm going to see Gazette and Gackt, and Kiyoharu and Vidoll for the first time this summer! :D:D:D AAAAAAHHHHH
The Vidoll show is a show with several other bands so it's not going to be very much Vidoll. But still, that'd be enough for now. x)

So, good night and please, wish me luch for tomorrow. I'm dead nervous *-* As always. When am I going to get used to this? :S Will it ever happen? ...I guess not. :/ But I guess it has become better, I can atleast breath somewhat normally while standing there nowadays. :p


Apr. 11th, 2010

I should be working with my school project, but again, I'm not. -.-
I don't know what it is that's stopping me. But I just don't get anywhere with it, except for copying info and saving on my hotmail...
Well, I have... two more days I can work with it.

But, about something much more fun! :D

If I get to go to the concerts I want in Japan this summer.. OMG, I'd be happier then ever!
-Gackt in Osaka 9th of July :D I expect the ticket to cost me fortunes. T_T But it's Gackt.
-Gazette in Budoukan :D hopefully both days, and hopefully I can get tickets through Heresy, for a normal price this time. :p
-KIYOHARU! This would be my first time seeing him! :') AND on top of it, a Rythmless and perspective live! I have very high expectations of it. ^^

I should sleep now, tomorrow is going to be hell with all the studies I need to do, especially after this one week vacation. But I just need to find some motivation and I'll do my best.. :) At least I'm getting help, that's needed.

So, good night!

I want a good picture to end this post with.

This maybe ;D